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Healthy hair comes first. At Freestyle, that’s our guiding philosophy.

Tac Selassie came to Greece 35 years ago, having just graduated from the Vidal Sassoon Academy. When he decided to start his own salon, his British training confronted the opposing hair trends in Greece – preponderance for long hair and structured hairstyles. Out of this came his own combination of the two opposing styles, emphasizing the British trends in cuts and improving the Greek trends when it came to styling. The methods he used were adapted to the Greek preferences but were also completely new and revolutionary. This unique approach – which cannot be found elsewhere in the world – was the reason Freestyle brought a fresh breath to Greek haute coiffure.

The choice of our salon’s name is not accidental. Freestyle: Tac Selassie envisioned “modern yet practical hair” for Greek women. He placed greater emphasis on the right cut, with clean straight lines – a cut that allows women’s hair today to always look well-kept, with a minimum brushing requirement. Brush and go.

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