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Freestyle is one of the few salons in Greece that invests in employees’ training. In our 400 sq. m. flagship salon in Neo Psychico, we train the people that will lead our current and future salons in the fundamentals of our company’s extremely high standards.

Their first lesson is in our salon’s visual identity – hardwood floors, terracotta tiles and specially designed aluminum mirrors. Tac Selassie undertakes the training himself, keeping the Freestyle signature consistent, and covers every aspect of our services, from washing, hair therapy, cuts and coloring techniques.

During these courses, our trainees have the opportunity to meet with experienced stylists in order to discuss special cases and get exposed to the latest methods. In addition to the training on their techniques, our trainees also are taught interpersonal skills in order to relate to our customers, along with appearance tips.

  • Are you 23 years old with a trend in fashion and an appetite to learn the art of hairdressing for free and at the same time work with the best professionals? Freestyle Salons is looking for someone just like you! Contact here: +30 210 6202237 and +30 210 6712684
  • Freestyle Salons is looking to cover the position of Receptionist. Necessary skills: basic skills of finance, H/Y, advanced writing and communication skills, polished appearance. Please send your CVs e.plessa@freestyle-salons.gr

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