Healthy hair comes first. At Freestyle, that's our guiding philosophy.
At Freestyle we make sure your hair is healthy and fashionable. We will advise you on what cut, color, style will suit you best while making sure your hair stays healthy .

In keeping with this principle, we allow the cosmetic intervention in your hair and technical work, like highlights and permanents. But we do not allow ingredients and methods that destroy your hair, like ammonia or decoupage. That is why we recommend colouring your hair as a last resort solution, for women with a lot of white hair who want to cover it so that they look and feel better. To women with normal hair colour, we recommend semipermanent colours, a product with little ammonia, which gives shine without going deep in the hair.

In order to help our clients keep their hair healthy, we urge them to make use of special regimens with oils and hair masks. Especially during the summer, which lasts six months in Greece, the sea, the sun and the decoupages weaken and destroy hair. At Freestyle, we promise not only quality, but responsibility to our clients' needs. We consider it our duty to recommend an appropriate hair regimen for stronger hair. We use the finest professional products, from the world's best companies. That way, we can guarantee the best results.

Greek women, like most in the Mediterranean, usually have stronger and more resilient hair than northern Europeans. That's why permanents give their hair a 'tired' look. We use products that are gentler on your hair, without letting them penetrate the hair deeply.
Vidal Sassoon recommends that you cannot give a second perm to hair that still has remnants of the first perm on it. That's why we use cellophane so that the perm goes to roots only. This «perm-root» method was invented by Tac, and it gives hair the required body and curls the appropriate size, without stressing the ends. This method is particularly effective and helpful to thin hair.

At Freestyle, we recommend to our clients that they use highlights in colours that are closer to their own hair. After the first application, we use foil between the clumps of hair. This method may take more time, but the result is more natural-looking.
We use decoupage in very few instances, because it removes the hair's natural colour, completely destroys the hair. Furthermore, in Greece, the sun's intensity usually opens the highlight one or two tones.

Tac believes that women today are so busy, they don't have time to visit their salon several times a week. However, the need for the 'salon look' remains. In another innovation, he invented a new technique, never used anywhere in the world. It is a new styling method that defies the laws of gravity. So, if your stylist asks if you want to 'raise the root', say 'YES!'