Our services are one of the basic components of our success. Our store manager is always at your disposal, so as to better meet your needs. Our customers come to our salon to take care of their hair and relax, and our staff is trained to give you the personal attention you deserve, without violating your personal space and calm. That way, in your short visit to our salon you receive the care you require within an 'oasis' of relaxation and calm.

Today's working women use the visit to the salon to unwind, to feel more beautiful and to escape the stress of the everyday. Our hairwashing is as much a wash, as it is a small relaxation. On the one hand, we wash your hair with the appropriate shampoo for your hair type. During the second wash, we give your scalp a deep massage. Many of our customers claim that this wash/massage is the favorite part of their visit!

Freestyle, we use precision cutting in the technique of Vidal Sassoon - but in 20 minutes instead of 40. Tac has witnessed that in Greece, customers believe that the longer the cut takes the shorter the hair - something which clients do not want. More importantly, we do not stop at the 'exterior cut', which just changes the length of the hair, but insist on an 'interior cut' which helps distribute the weight of the hair more evenly.

The classic technique used in Greece for drying and styling the hair uses a round brush, which pulls the hair, making it more stressed than it needs to be, resulting in less elasticity. That way, the hair is pulled and immediately falls back into its original style.

At Freestyle, our stylists avoid this by using a new method: they dry the root with a dryer and round brush and work the ends of the hair. There is no reason to stress the roots, since they are healthy and shiny. This method gives us the same result with less work, less damage to your hair and in less time.
This 'root-raising' technique is a worldwide first by Freestyle - exclusively at our salons